WordPress – Beyond Blogging – Episode #20

WordpressDebbie O’Grady discusses some ideas you can use to put WordPress to work for you.

WordPress is a powerful tool that can save you time and help you make money. During this Podcast, Debbie will give you some ideas to help you determine how you can best put it to work for you. Listen for the 5 easy steps to define what you need to do to go from Ideas to WordPress action!



If you would like a copy of the script from today’s episode, you can download.  WP – Beyond Blogging

Stop back next week when Debbie and Robin tackle a new topic.

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Do You Have Klout? Episode #19

KloutRobin is your host during this podcast as she talks with you about Klout.  Where to find your score, what is measured, how to increase your score and how to win perks…just for being on line and doing what you normally do.


Sign up for Klout at   Let us know if you signed up and we will give you some Klout!



NAMS 10 – In Review Episode #18

This week your hosts, Debbie O’Grady – and Robin Smith – are talking about A Review of the NAMS Conference

NAMSRobin and Debbie talk with you about the different sessions and activities they participated in and their overall review of the conference.  This week’s Podcast runs ~20 minutes and is packed full of information about this past NAMS and information on how you can attend the next NAMS conference.

After you listen to the Podcast, you may decide you would like to purchase the videos of all the sessions You can purchase those sessions at:

NAMS10 Videos

Check out NAMS11 Registration Info at a deeply discounted rate.

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Next Week:

Robin will be talking with your about your Klout score.  What is Klout, how is it measured and how you can increase your score.



Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing – Episode #17

Virtual Assistants Can Save You Time and Money!

Your host this week is Debbie O’Grady.

During the podcast she discusses Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing.  There are so many different tasks and activities you can outsource to help you grow your business. I think you’ll be surprised just how long this list is and it’s all the things that need to get done for you to have a successful business.


You have find the transcript of tonight’s podcast by clicking the link below.

VA and Outsourcing Transcript

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Next Week

Join us next week to learn about the live event we are attending when we do our podcast from the NAMS conference.


Video Tips – Looking Good On Camera – Episode #16

Your hosts this week are Robin Smith from and Debbie O’Grady from The topic of this week’s Podcast is Video Tips – Looking Good On Camera

We are talking with you about tips to help you when recording your video during this weeks episode.

Topics covered include:Video Tips



Video is not hard and it can be lots of fun!  Just be yourself and forget about the camera.

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Next Week!

Join us as Debbie talks about Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing.