The Importance of Live Events – Episode #7

NAMSDebbie and Robin discuss the importance of attending live events such as NAMS Workshop.

You can learn more about NAMS Worhshop by clicking on our links

Robin’s Link

Debbie’s Link

We hope to see you at NAMS10 in August. Let us know if you plan to attend so we can connect while there.

How to Get Started Blogging – Episode #6

How to Get Started Blogging

Debbie O’Grady shares tips and strategies to get started blogging quickly.  It isn’t hard and it doesn’t need to cost you anything to get started.

Join Debbie and Robin next week when they discuss live events and why YOU need to attend.

Creating Free QuotePics – Episode #5

Making-FREE-QuotePics-isYou have seen those cute pictures on facebook with quotes on the picture.  Ever wonder how they are made?   During this podcast we discuss four FREE programs that allow you to make “QuotePics” in just a few minutes to share on Facebook, Pinterest, and other places.

Let us know if this podcast and the QuotePic information was helpful in the comments below.   Share a QuotePic that you make on our facebook page so we can see your wonderful work.

Next week Debbie O’Grady will be your host for Episode 6 of Tuesday Tech Tips.

Living In The Cloud

Podcast cover - no wordsAre you living and/or working in the cloud?   Do you enjoy using cloud technologies?  You might be using them and not even know it.   Listen in as we discuss the cloud and a FREE app that will help you.


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Should you decide to use Dropbox….please use one of our links below.   It allows you to get free space and we get a little extra space to save more stuff!

Robin’s Dropbox Link            Debbie’s Dropbox Link

Join us next week when Robin discusses FREE photo quote tools.



eMail Overwhelm – Steps You Can Take To Get Past It

Tuesday Tech Tips Weekly Podcasts

Podcast cover - no wordsListen as Debbie O’Grady discusses E-mail Overwhelm and how to deal with it.

April 23, 2013 – eMail Overwhelm – Steps You Can Take To Get Past It

Next week Robin and Debbie will talk about “The Cloud.”   Are you Living and Working in the Cloud?  Find out and learn about a FREE Cloud based program.