Social Media and Business Training – Episode #23

If you feel overwhelmed with social media and business tasks, or feel confused with all the information that is out on the web. Angela Brooks’ Inner Circle is for you.

The Inner Circle Team

The Inner Circle Team

Weekly trainings – Focus and accountability to keep you on track.

Here’s a simple and affordable way to keep up to date with the rapidly changing social media space, learn proven social media strategies, and discover how to significantly increase your business through proven online and offline marketing techniques.

Listen in as Robin Smith hosts this episode of Tuesday Tech Tips and discusses Angela Brook’s Inner Circle Training.

What Will You Get:

  • Every Monday you will get a “Task” to focus on for the week.
  • Every Wednesday you will get 10-15min instructional video/recorded call that you can put into action that will be posted by 6:00PM CST
  • Every Friday it is your turn to be accountable for what you accomplished no matter how big or small. We are here to support you and guide you to the best results.
  • Tuesday and Thursday Q&A with active group participation.
  • Topics will include proven marketing strategies and tactics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest; plus social media best practices, etiquette, content marketing, blogging,  and more!
  • Private, members-only Facebook Group with tremendous peer support and priority access to Angela and her whole team
  • Regular bonus materials in the form of checklists, spreadsheets, downloadable PDFs, video tutorials and more. 
  • Recordings, documents, and other recordings are archived at the end of each month.
  • You will have access to Angalea and health and wellness coach Dr. Peggy Malone, Entrepreneurs dealing with stress expert Lisa Birnesser, Software expert Lori Thayer for the best tools to use for your business. IT specialist Miles Jay who can help with problems that are slowing down your computer as well as admin assistant to the group with me, Robin Smith social media manager and admin also assisting with the group.

Check out Angela Brooks’ Inner Circle

If you decide to sign up for Angela Brooks’ Inner Circle with the above link, please comment below with your email address and I will get in touch with you about your free gifts.

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